We are making DCDB ACDB & JB for solar rooftop

Global Solar India is based at Vadodara, Gujarat and dealing in Solar products, specially the ACDB, DCDB, Array box, Junction box etc. since 2014. As we understand you  might be requiring these components on regular basis for your various solar rooftop project. We will be glade to supply these products as per your requirement and at competitive price.
Some of the important points related to Global Solar India for your kind consideration:
1) High quality, tried and tested components are used e.g.
MCB: Eaton/ Chint/ Siemens
SPD: Siemens/ Phoenix Contact
DC Fuse base/ Fuses: Eaton
Terminals: Phoenix Contact
Glands: Trinity Touch
Cables/ Lugs: Cooper of reputed make
Encloser/ boxes: Tribox/ Eldon/ Sintax
2)  Timely delivery: We deliver as per mutually agreed delivery time.
3) Consistent quality: You will get consistent high quality assemblies as per your requirement.
4) Competitive price: Our prices are very competitive for the quality and service we provide. May kindly ask for the quote.

We can supply as per your configuration.

Following most common configurations for solar rooftop are readily available with us:
1) 1 kW-3kW ACDB
2) 4kW-5kW ACDB
3) 6kW-10kW ACDB
4) 1kW-3kW DCDM
5) 4kW-6kW DCDB (2 in 2 out with 500V DC MCB.
6) 6kW-10kW DCDB ( 2in 2 out with 1000V DC MCB