*5 Years free servicing warranty*

*5 Years Spares/ component support warranty*

1) What is "Free Service Warranty"?

ACDB, DCDB are used as protective measure to safeguard costlier components like Invertors, solar panel, wiring etc. by sacrificing their components like fuse, spd, MCB etc which need to be replaced once they have done their job by protecting costlier components. In other words ACDB/ DCDB components are like consumables and their life depends on external perameters which are not in our controls.

This is the reasons no one can give total warranty of these component. However, to keep your installation working we give free service support on selected ACDB/ DCDB supplied by us. In such cases you have to bear the component cost and shipping cost only.

2) How Does it Works:

Every ACDB/ DCDB under warranty is supplied with a unique Serial no which is paste inside box and also mentioned on invoice. In case of some fault you have to send this faulty ACDB/ DCDB to our workshop for testing and repairing. One we test the ACDB/ DCDB inform you with the report and repair estimate. Once you accept it, we replace the faulty components and ship it again to your given address after testing at our end. Both side shipping charges and components cost are on your account on actual basis but WE DO NOT CHARGE REPAIRING AND TESTING CHARGES within warranty period.

3) What is 5 years spares/ component Support?:

As technology and market changing very fast the components used in your ACDB/ DCDB may not available in market for replacement and your total ACDB/ DCDB may become useless. We assured you to provide required component/ equivalent to repair your ACDB/ DCDB within warranty period.